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Our outpatient services play a key role in your road to recovery. When you enter our facility you are greeted by loving and caring people who strive to work with you in removing the fog of addiction. Our staff is equipped with qualified professionals who also understand the importance of a more humanistic approach.

Whether it is the latest technology or a simple human touch, HTC Outpatient Services is committed to providing our patients with the highest quality in services and treatments. We offer numerous innovative services for our patients ranging from individual assessments to family and marriage counseling.


HTC Outpatient Services has Master's level trained counselors assessing our clients' and potential clients', whether they are adolescents or adults to determine the potential need for substance abuse treatment and/or other services.

During the assessment we process data including gathering background information and history from the individual to support the best service(s) suited to fit our clients' needs and base our recommendations on this information.

In addition we utilize the Multi-Dimensional Addiction and Personality Profile (MAPP) screening tool. MAPP is used to measure substance abuse and personal adjustment issues related to the last six months of an individual's life. We use this tool to assist us in verifying and supporting the service(s) and/or treatment(s) our staff has recommended.

Once the assessment process is completed and a recommendation has been made, the HTC Outpatient Services staff is diligent in coordinating with the original referral source to ensure our recommendations are accurate and secure.

Our counseling staff also has the ability to generate numerous types of reports detailing the information gained from the assessment and the format chosen may be based on the need of the referral source.

Drug Testing

In today's society drug and alcohol abuse is common. It is a widespread social problem within all communities and yet is difficult to combat for numerous reasons. Unfortunately, these problems are far reaching and long lasting.

For employers, drug testing is an effective means to educate and to uncover illegal, personally-damaging drug use amongst employees and members of the community. Drug testing is necessary to help prevent drug usage from spiraling even further out of control.

Since drug-usage allegations are serious in nature, it is imperative to utilize accurate drug testing services which can supply authoritative results.

If you have a drug policy in place stating; "Employees must submit to drug testing requests," you have the ability to take advantage of our services for efficient and professional results.

For those undergoing our treatment services, testing is an important part of treatment. When counseling a patient suffering from addiction it is crucial for us to be aware if the patient is currently under the influence of drugs during the course of treatment.

All test results will remain confidential unless the patient consents otherwise.

MIPI Class

HTC Outpatient Services puts forth every effort in assisting our patients in feeling comfortable in the classroom. Our classroom settings include: power point presentations (PPP), videos, written and verbal questions and response formats.

The Minor in Possession (MIP) class is designed for individuals under the age of 21, who were found in possession of marijuana, alcohol and other drugs.

The class also includes individuals who have been mandated by their employer, a parent or guardian, courts or probation department. We also accept referrals from other agencies and self-referrals.

The primary focal point of the MIP class is to provide the students with factual data to assist him/her during crucial times when making decisions as it relates to future use of alcohol and drugs.

Alcohol and Highway Safety Education

We offer a one day Alcohol and Highway Safety Class. This class is designed to meet court requirements for individuals who have been mandated to an alcohol education experience after incurring an OUIL (Operating Under the Influence of Liquor) or other alcohol related offense.

This one day comprehensive course covers numerous topics related to the consequences of drinking and driving. Participants also learn the negative implications on their bodies from alcohol and other drug usage.

In addition, learners will gain a better understanding of the process as it relates to addiction — the progression from alcohol use to alcohol abuse and addiction. Participants watch informational DVD's providing real-life stories related to the tragedies which may occur when people drink and drive.

Also, participants gain an increase in awareness of the added legal, social and family complications caused by drinking and driving or alcohol and drug addiction.

Finally, participants leave with a better understanding of the dangers of drinking and driving and are better equipped with information to help them make better decisions in the future.

Driver's License Evaluations

After an individual has lost their license due to alcohol or drug related issues, a substance abuse evaluation is necessary for them to "attempt" to get their license reinstated.

HTC Outpatient Services has a counseling staff in place with trained and knowledgeable experts to assist in the completion of the Substance Abuse Evaluation which is required by the Secretary of State.

This evaluation requires a qualified counselor to assess the individual and complete the appropriate paperwork, along with administering some type of screening tool and reporting the results.

Here again, we utilize the Multi-Dimensional Addiction and Personality Profile (MAPP) as our preferred tool when completing this process to ensure accuracy.

In addition, in an effort to generate a more manageable process for our clients'; we have the ability to fulfill state requirements by offering a full panel drug screen on-site which is also mandated by the state and necessary to accompany the evaluation form.

Individual Counseling

Our caring and compassionate staff members come from varying backgrounds and have a wide array of experience, ranging from: social work and substance abuse to ministry. We are diligent about matching each patient with the appropriate counselor; one who is best suited to assist in our patients' recovery process.

Through individual counseling our HTC Outpatient Services clinical staff is skilled in establishing one-on-one relationships with our patients. Our priority is to build trust and establish a safe haven where patients feel secure, confident and respected.

During the individual counseling sessions, our counselors develop a needs analysis identifying the requirements and priorities related to successfully completing the program.

Once the assessment is completed we set goals stemming from our needs analysis and these goals act as the foundation used for building a comprehensive program geared towards our patients unique needs.

In addition, we work in conjunction with other services and agencies to provide optimal treatment. However, on the rare occasion we are unable to meet a patients needs, we refer him/her to a more accommodating facility better equipped to provide treatment.

Also, depending upon our patient's needs we may determine to combine individual and group counseling.

Group Counseling

There are many wonderful benefits of group treatment — one being it offers the participants a sense of community. When individuals with a substance abuse problem are surrounded by peers with similar problems, they gain strength and insight from each other.

HTC Outpatient Services believes group treatment is essential in increasing our clients' knowledge of themselves and others; the sessions are helpful in clarifying lifestyle changes and providing the proper tools necessary to make the desired changes.

The group treatment sessions are held in a natural setting we do this to remind people they are not alone and there is hope for creating a different lifestyle.

We also offer group sessions to identify and manage triggers/barriers for their substance abuse treatment, while educating individuals on the skills necessary to make their recovery successful.

Our counseling staff has a wide array of experience in group processes and we seek to provide a therapeutic and positive environment for all patients.

The group facilitator is diligent in providing patients with valuable information for their recovery, while utilizing therapeutic skills to show patients their commonality and how they may gain support from one another during the group process.

Family and Marriage Counseling

Over the years the belief has been that substance abusers are "loners" and cut off from family and friends; but after years of experience and research we know this is not the case. Most people battling a substance addiction have close ties with their family and friends.

With this in mind, HTC Outpatient Services has developed a comprehensive treatment model for the substance abuser and his/her entire family unit.

It has also been proven that when family members are actively involved throughout the treatment process the rate of recovery increases significantly.

At HTC Outpatient Services, we have an internal licensed Marriage and Family Therapist on staff prepared to assist our patients and their families.