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Practitioners Bios

We understand the importance of our staff and how they relate to our clients'. We take great care and pride in hiring qualified and sensitive individuals. We are state licensed and CARF accredited. Our counselors and therapists are state certified and are committed to continued education and training to provide the highest quality treatment.

Our staff has a proven track record and equally as important our clients' are comfortable with our team. HTC Outpatient Services guarantees our staff will always treat patients' with respect, privacy, integrity and compassion.


Darien L. Smith

Darien Smith

Since 2005 — the inception of HTC Outpatient Services in Benton Harbor, Michigan, Darien Smith has been the Executive Director.

Darien is a graduate of Cornerstone University where he earned his Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. He went on to attend Western Michigan University, where he then earned his Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology.

He has 20 years of experience within the realm of community service. Darien is devoted to building stronger communities, families and lasting relationships. He has spent the last 16 years honing his skills within the substance abuse treatment and prevention arenas.

From the onset, Darien's vision for HTC Outpatient Services was to become interwoven within the healing and rebuilding process for the community and our society at large.

With the above understanding HTC Outpatient Services mission is "To empower individuals and their families; to help them beat the habit of using or abusing illicit drugs and to rebuild their lives one person and one family at a time."


Leon Smith

Leon Smith

Dr. Smith is the Medical Director of Eastside Substance Abuse Clinic (Muskegon, MI), Eastern Clinic (Grand Rapids, MI) and HTC Outpatient Services (Benton Harbor, MI).

Dr. Smith's credentials include a Bachelor of Science degree from Wayne State University (Detroit, Michigan) and a doctoral degree in Osteopathic studies from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Dr. Smith enjoyed an illustrious career as a Family Medical Doctor which began in 1972 until his retirement in 1991. Throughout his career as the primary physician at his Family Medical Practice, Dr. Smith was an active medical staff member of the Muskegon General Hospital. He was also an Associate of Family Practitioner and the American Osteopathic Association, in addition to continuing post-graduate CME training yearly as required by the state medical board.

After working part-time in the field of addiction medicine, Dr. Smith was drawn to assisting people battling substance abuse and therefore he embarked on a full-time career in Addiction Medicine.

As a direct result of the Muskegon County Health Department, Dr. Smith founded the Eastside Substance Abuse Clinic in 1988. For many people battling their addiction to opiates; this clinic was viewed as a "last-result" in their recovery and Eastside Substance Abuse Clinic was also instrumental in the development of Eastern Clinic (Grand Rapids) and HTC Outpatient Services (Benton Harbor, MI) both of which are successful in battling substance abuse.

Throughout the years the medical industry has changed and Dr. Smith has remained on top of the latest trends in science and technology. As Medical Director, he worked with the clerical, medical and clinical staff to develop a paperless addiction software system; currently used in all three clinics.

Dr. Smith found his true calling in the field of addiction medicine. He has been essential in patients seeing past the fog of substance abuse and entering into a lifetime filled with hope, happiness and dreams.